Recording a song

We can listen to your song and make suggestions to make it as good as possible, and then record it in a style of your choosing. We're very good at live instrumentation, and have drums, percussion instruments, guitars, and keyboards in our recording facility permanently. We have a roster of excellent musicians and singers to make your recording sparkle


We can take the process right through to a digital file ready to be made into a download file, CD, or vinyl record of excellent quality

Live sound

We provide experienced and professional live sound engineers and a PA system to match most sizes of venue, for your concerts 

Audio Recording

We use the best microphones, including some extremely rare ones, and use the best digital processors available

Music for Video

We write original music for all sorts of applications, including for video, to your brief at a single buyout price, which can be written and recorded specifically for your project. No ongoing royalty fees, yours to use as you wish, for life.

Recordings of live concerts

In addition to recording in our own facility, we can also record your concert to the best digital quality, and take it back to our recording facility and mix and master it. This can either be released as a live recording, or we can also video-record at the same time, to 4K video format with multiple cameras, and edit the audio and video into an excellent record of your performance